Who We Are
Founded by Evangelist Dianna Hobbs, Empowering
Everyday Women Ministries, Inc. is a 501(c)(3)
not-for-profit organization. It is a Christian urban evangelism
ministry that has blossomed into an influential faith-based
ministry, touching lives around the globe. Our leadership
and staff spearhead community organizing efforts and
charitable initiatives to help the grossly under-served
African-American population in inner cities, and those in
need around the world.

Be a part of 50 Women Praying!
While everyone is welcome to join us on this special evening, there are 50 women in white who will
lead the charge.

So, why 50 intercessors?

According to Leviticus 25, the 50th year was known as “The Year of Jubilee,” when liberty was
proclaimed throughout the land. During
“50 Women Praying: An Evening of Jubilee,” the 50
prayer warriors will represent 50 years and usher in a spiritual Jubilee.

In the Old Testament, during Jubilee, land would be returned to its rightful owner and slaves would be
freed from the bonds of servitude.

That’s why the theme for the evening is “Your Time of Supernatural Release and Restoration!”

On this special night, as 50 prayer warriors touch and agree, along with attendees who desire to
witness and partake in a mighty move of God, we believe we will see  something supernatural
released.  A spiritual Jubilee will take place. God’s people will receive healing, restoration, deliverance
and renewal. God’s glory will fall and He will restore what was lost just as He declared in Joel 2:25.

We look forward to the glorious worship, powerful intercession and a prophetic spiritual release that
will shift circumstances and set the atmosphere for the glory of God to fall.

Feel led to be one of the 50?
Contact us.

If you cannot be there physically, but still want to be a part of this global prayer movement,
click here
to see how you can participate from anywhere in the world.

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50 Women Praying!
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Note: Evangelist Hobbs received a miraculous healing at this prayer service! To God
be the glory. Read the full story and see the videos