Who We Are
Founded by Evangelist Dianna Hobbs, Empowering
Everyday Women Ministries, Inc. is a 501(c)(3)
not-for-profit organization. It is a Christian urban evangelism
ministry that has blossomed into an influential faith-based
ministry, touching lives around the globe. Our leadership
and staff spearhead community organizing efforts and
charitable initiatives to help the grossly under-served
African-American population in inner cities, and those in
need around the world.

So what exactly is “50 Women Praying: An Evening of Jubilee"?

It is simply a prayer and worship service taking place on Sunday, March 26th to intercede for
Evangelist Dianna Hobbs, Founder of Empowering Everyday Women Ministries, Inc., who has fallen ill.
To understand why 50 women have been designated as intercessors,
click here.
Are only women invited?

Although it's called "50 Women Praying," both men and women will be in attendance. This special
service is open to everyone. In fact, if you are believing God for healing and breakthrough in your life,
whoever you are, it is recommended that you come, as we are believing God for supernatural release
that evening.
I feel that God is calling me to intercede. How can I do that?

We are grateful for the women of God who are so willing to offer prayers on behalf of Evangelist
Hobbs. If you believe God has called you to be one of the 50 women for this "Evening of Jubilee,"
here to contact our phenomenal coordinator, Minister Wynetta Hall-McElveen, who will gladly assist
Who exactly is Dianna Hobbs and what is her ailment?

Dianna Hobbs is an award-winning ministry leader and Founder of Empowering Everyday Women
Ministries, Inc.

  • Learn about Dianna here.
  • Learn about her ailment here.
  • Learn about our 501c3 not-for-profit urban Christian evangelism ministry here.
What is your faith? Is this a denominational event?

While Dianna Hobbs is personally a Pentecostal, licensed Evangelist Missionary in the Church of God
In Christ (COGIC), Empowering Everyday Women Ministries, Inc. is a non-denominational organization
and this event is open to everyone. We believe that Jesus Christ is the son of God, who died and rose
for our sins. We believe in the authority and infallibility of Scripture. We believe in the
life-transformational power of the Holy Spirit. To get our full statement of faith,
click here.
I cannot attend the prayer service in person. Can I still be an intercessor?

Praise God that you want to join your faith with ours in this effort. We are so pleased to know that!
And yes, you absolutely can be an intercessor off site.  Though this event will take place in the
beautiful city of Niagara Falls, NY, it is a global prayer movement with women all around the world
praying. To learn how you can intercede from anywhere in the world,
click here to download the
information our team has prepared to help you do just that.
I feel God leading me to sow into Evangelist Hobbs' life. How can I do that?

Praise God that He placed it on your heart to a sow seed into the life of Dianna Hobbs personally.
May God richly reward you for your generosity.
Click here to learn how to sow.
I'm coming to this event from out of town. Can someone assist me with hotel booking?

We are so excited that you are traveling to be a part of this great move of the Holy Spirit! Yes, there is
help just for you. Contact Lady Bertha Brinson, a resident of Niagara Falls, NY, who will assist you in
securing a hotel and locking in a special rate. Click here to get her
contact info.
What can I expect from this event?

Come ready to experience anointed worship, a power-packed word from the Lord from our speaker,  
intense prayer and intercession. But most of all, expect the glory of God to fall in the sanctuary, where
healing, deliverance and breakthrough
will take place.
I have another question I don't see answered here.

Our staff would love to answer your query and help you out in any way we can. Click here to submit
your question. God bless you!
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